Parabenefri produkter

Something happens in most as soon as a small baby grows in the womb. Suddenly you become aware of all the chemicals you interact with on a daily basis - and now it's just about what's best for your body and baby.

It is impossible to avoid all harmful products while you are pregnant - but you can then do your best to drop things like hair coloring, strong hair spray and replace your products with some more allergy-friendly and paraben-free products.

If you have a favorite eyeshadow or a favorite hair treatment that you would rather not change for anything - then you do not have to compromise at all. It's about creating a balance that gives you a good gut feeling - and then it's obvious to start with the products where it's easy to find a good alternative. If you want to replace something, but find it confusing, you can start by replacing the products that you have on all day.

Which paraben-free products should you choose as a pregnant woman?

Many chemical ingredients can be hidden in your hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and various styling products. It is important that you use products that suit your hair type. Of course, you should still have beautiful and gorgeous hair even if you are pregnant.

If you want to change something, you can avoid ingredients like:

  • - Parabens
  • - Sulphate


Fortunately, you can find delicious hair products without this. Take, for example, a look at the series from NAK, where you will find delicious hair products here at Hairoutlet. All hair products are without added parabens and sulphate, so you can safely use them during pregnancy. NAK has several good products for the hair, and it is guaranteed to be a favorite for you in the future.

Youngblood - cosmetics for pregnant women

When we talk cosmetics for pregnant women, allergy-friendly makeup can also be more reassuring for you to use. In particular, there has been a lot of debate about the use of makeup during pregnancy, and with Youngblood you can definitely continue your consumption with a clear conscience.

Youngblood is a cosmetic that is completely free of parabens and other chemicals. There are many divided opinions about what is good and bad when you are pregnant - therefore you need to do what feels best for you.